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My reason s for writing, “The Cry of the Jabiru”, was to create a love of reading, a curiosity of the world,  an interest in travel and foreign language-learning for fifth through eighth graders. I believe that children should  choose their own books, and so this website is for the reader to explore  It is my hope that these young readers will embark upon a lifelong journey of  learning about other cultures that encourages an appreciation and respect for other citizens of the world.

Encourage your middle grade reader to do the reader activities, especially the crossword puzzles that help with comprehension and are fun. Try the puzzle "cognates" at the bottom of the crossword page.


The links below are videos of the animals in the story, the Afro-Brazilian martial arts (capoeira) and , book club critical thinking questions for your child and/or students. Just click on the link.Once you click on the video link, you will exit this site and be sent to another website.

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