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Critical Thinking Questions

1. What is a way you can learn a foreign language without taking a class?


2. Which of the three children should be the leader of the group and make the decisions? Why?


3. If a jabiru could talk, what reasons would it give for crying?


4. What is happening in our planet that affects animals and humans? How would you solve this problem?


5. What would you do if you saw an animal that looked like a giant rat?


6. If you could have a giant anteater as a pet, how would it be useful around your house?


7. Taína said some pretty hurtful things to Beto. Would you forgive a friend who has said hurtful things to you?  Why? What could     you do to keep the friendship?


8. Would you listen to a friend who tries to persuade you to do something against your better judgement? Why is this a problem? What would you do that would lead to doing the right thing? Would you keep your friendship with this person? Why?


9. What would you have done to have convinced Taína not to do something as dangerous as what she had done?


11. Why do you think the Portuguese slave owners did not want the enslaved Africans and their descendants in Brazil to practice capoeira?


12. Why was it good that some enslaved Africans in Brazil escaped and formed their own communities (Quilombos)?

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